• What is MyCryptoVoucher?
    We’re a service that issues cryptocurrency vouchers linked to the value of the cryptocurrency of your choice. Cryptovouchers increase or decrease in value over time depending on how your cryptocurrency performs in the market. It allows you to invest in or gift cryptocurrency without having to physically hold or store the cryptocurrency.
  • Why linked vouchers? Why not just sell cryptocurrencies directly?
    This way is easier and more fun.
  • Can I gift a cryptovoucher?
    Yes, absolutely – you can purchase and keep a cryptovoucher for yourself or send to somebody else as a gift. A €100 bitcoin cryptovoucher purchased 1 year ago (July 2017) would be worth approximately €274 today (July 2018). Nice!
  • What cryptocurrencies do you support?
    Bitcoin https://bitcoin.org/en/ , Bitcoin Cash https://www.bitcoincash.org , Ethereum https://www.ethereum.org and Ripple https://ripple.com/xrp/
  • Why don’t you support more cryptocurrencies?
    Give us a chance! We hope to add more over the coming months.
  • If I send a cryptovoucher as a gift can I time it to be sent on a particular date?
    Yes, you can schedule a voucher to be sent on a particular day in the future such as a birthday or anniversary.
  • What is a Time-Lock?
    We really like this feature. You can set a timelock on a cryptovoucher. This means that you choose a date in the future before which the voucher cannot be redeemed. It’s a good way to ensure that you or the recipient of the voucher holds the voucher for a period of time. For example you may decide to gift a cryptovoucher for a birthday and then set a timelock for 12 months – meaning that the recipient will be able to watch the vouchers performace over the next 12 months but will not be about to ‘cash out’ until after the timelock has expired.
  • How can I track performance over time?
    We will send you a unique private link that graphs your cryptovouchers performance over time. This link will be sent by email and you can click and view at any time.
  • How do I cash out?
    Simply click the cashout options on your unique cryptovoucher page and enter your email and mycryptovoucher code. You will be then sent a confirmation link. Once confirmed your voucher may be redeemed as FIAT (USD/EURO) into your bank account or in cryptocurrency to the wallet of your choice.
  • Is it the same cash out process if I send a voucher as a gift?
    Yes. The very same. You will need to include your recipients email when you purchase the voucher. They will then use this email and voucher code to cash out.
  • What if I cant access my email or if I lose my voucher code?
    If you cant access your email or if you lose your voucher code you will not be able to redeem your voucher – so don’t lose them!
  • Why don’t I just buy cryptocurrency from an exchange?
    You can. But we think mycryptovoucher is an easier way to invest in cryptocurrency without the need for wallets and registration. It’s also a fun way to send cryptocurrency as a gift.
  • When is the voucher linked to the cryptocurrency value?
    We do this at ‘Go-Live’ time on day 8 after purchase at 11:55pm GMT. Your voucher retains its full face value until then.
  • Why the 8 day wait?
    This gives you a chance to change your mind and redeem the voucher at face value or switch it to an alternative linked cryptocurrency.
  • Does the 8 day wait also apply if I send a cryptovoucher as a gift?
    Yes. But the good news is that your recipient can choose to cash out early at face value if they wish. You can also time the voucher to be sent after 8 days in which case the 8 day wait period will have already passed.
  • How do you set the cryptocurrency value when you link a voucher at go-live?
    We set the value of the voucher at Go-Live time 8 days after purchase at 11:55 pm GMT. We link the value based on the average market rate from a selection of major exchanges that day. We factor in the purchase cost, exchange fees and administrative costs of purchase when calculating the linked price. Our rates are shown on our home page.
  • How long is a MyCryptoVoucher valid for?
    Until redeemed or for 4 years (48 months) from the time of purchase. After 4 years we will automatically redeem your voucher and contact you to arrange deposit of FIAT to your account or linked cryptocurrency to a wallet of your choice.
  • How much should I hope to make from a MyCryptoVoucher? Will it go to the moon?
    Purchasing a mycryptovoucher should be fun. The cryptocurrency markets are extremely volatile with massive swings in value seen on a daily basis. If you hope to buy a lambo from your cryptovoucher then this service is not the site for you. You will be disappointed. That said, those who have purchased and held crypto for 12 months or more have seen significant returns over the past number of years. Only invest an amount you can afford to lose, and take a 6 or 12 month view before you expect to see significant returns.
The best of Luck – The MyCryptoVoucher Team.